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Morning run in Paris

Morning run this week organized by Geraldine with Scality crew from around the world reunited in Paris. Up despite the cold, the busy schedule. Good morning Eiffel Tower! 
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Training in Germany

20170120 150508RChristian from Germany during his winter preparation for Team ScalityRocks at the race for the heart 2017 (Course du Coeur!). It was in Dresden "Grosser Garden", -10°C. Go Christian!

Soon a post about Christian and the other (dream)team members! To be followed...

March 29th, 2017: the Course du Coeur begins!

On March, 29th. 2017, the ScalityRocks! team will start its journey from Paris to Les Arcs, in the French Alps. 750km (~420 miles) accross cities, towns, villages, surrounded by landscapes, uphill, daylight, moonshine...The 14 runners will be supported by three companions along this trip.

Meanwhile, everybody trains, regardless of the weather, alone or with colleagues... A team running past its limits to support organ donation and transplantation: a commitment we can be proud of. Congratulations, team!

 parours cdc

Our team

map coeur2

14 runners! 3 companions! 6 backups! And many supporters!

SCALITY is participating in the Course du Cœur, from March 29th to April 2nd, 2017.
A team made of 14 employees (French, Bristish, American, and German) will run a 750km (470miles) relay race from Paris to Bourg Saint Maurice (Les Arcs), in the French Alps.

This adventure has only one aim: raise awareness about organ donation and transplantation.

See you very soon for a more detailed presentation of each and every one of us...

Until then, follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and this blog :)  

La Course du Coeur

La Course du Coeur

Heart Race is a socially-responsible sporting event, intended to highlight the critical importance of organ donation.
Organ Donation

Organ Donation

Every year, organ transplants save more than 5200 lives, and touch many more through the grateful friends, relatives and colleagues who surround them. Organ donation makes it happen.


Convinced of the huge value of transplantation and physical activity, in 1989 a group of organ transplant-recipient athletes joined with physicians to found Trans-Forme, l'Association Fédérative Française...