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What does it mean to have a heart?

Lots of companies claim social responsibility – and they’re doing important things to support that, like recycling, reducing energy usage, donation-matching and more. Real heart comes from an even deeper place. Having heart means being centered, being compassionate, and, for a company to have heart, it needs to be nourishing its employees and the community in the same way that a human heart pushes oxygen out to the extremities.

I’m privileged to work for a company that has heart. The motto of my company, Scality, is “Work hard, play hard, eat well…and amaze the customer.” It goes so far beyond that.

By way of example, a group of Scality employees are currently in training for a cross-country, multi-day race in support of organ donation. It’s no small endeavor, for the runners or for the company, but when you’ve got heart, you want to share.

Four days and four nights. 750 km. From Paris to Bourg Saint Maurice – Les Arcs. Across 200 towns. Non-stop. Are you tired yet?

Fourteen Scality employees from four countries will run La Course du Coeur this year from March 29th through April 2nd under Scality’s sponsorship; a sponsorship that supports their training, their four days pounding the pavement in the French countryside France instead of being at their desks, and their heartfelt commitment to helping others understand the importance of organ donation.

Scality’s got heart, as do the team of people who are running—and supporting the effort in other ways–for La Course du Coeur. I’m so privileged to be part of this extraordinary team of people who are dedicating their time to support such a great cause. Learn more about the runners on the team blog: http://www.scality-cdc.fr). This race inspired me—even making me consider, for the first time in my life, becoming a runner: four days traversing the countryside between Paris and the French Alps…all to help raise awareness for life-saving organ donation. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Thank goodness, though, that you don’t have to be a runner to be on the team. I joined the part of the team that’s supporting the runners, so I can still participate, even though I don’t run. Hats-off to my other “support team” colleagues Brad King, Morgan Chelin, Claire Forest, Olympe Tarteret, Emylou Mavic, Julie Candelon, Simmoni De Weck, and Peter Kocur who are helping as companions, backups and communications liaisons. Go Team!!


Support Laurette Fugain NGO with Scality's Course du Coeur team!

  C6BiR9TWgAEpYWCScality's team for the Course du Coeur is going to support an NGO named Laurette Fugain.

Laurette Fugain has earned international respect (through CAF and Benevity in the US especially), and our encounter with them has convinced us that they were trustworthy, and that our donation was really going to make a difference.

We've decided to support their research projects. Every year, they support 6 research projects aiming at better understanding and curing blood-borne illnesses, and they told us this is where they need the most funding.

We have set up a donation page at https://www.helloasso.com/utilisateurs/laure-vergeron-scality-com/collectes/scality-rocks-course-du-coeur/. Please share it with your friends, family, and even customers if you feel they might be interested, along with our descriptive powerpoint: Presentation

Every single € or $ counts, so do not think it is too low to give, whatever is great and we thank you a lot


If you pay your taxes in France:
be aware any donation makes you eligible for tax deductions of 70% of the amount you donate (off your taxable incomes). After each donation, the site sends you a receipt you can simply attach to your tax declaration. If you're not a French speaker, we have a step-by-step powerpoint that takes you through it!

If you pay your taxes in the USA:
as an individual: you can donate through CAF America at https://cafa.iphiview.com/cafa/GiveNow/SearchResults/tabid/617/dispatch/dagenhancedcharitysearch_keywords$laurette!kfugain/Default.aspx . Click on "Donate now" next to "Association Laurette Fugain", and choose the amount you wish to contribute. Please specify "Participation to the Scality Rocks Course du Coeur campaign" in the "Grant purpose" box. CAF America should then allow you to apply for tax deduction.
as a company: if customers are interested, they can use CAF America for single gifts, and CAF America or Benevity if they wish to use trust funds or foundations to give. For single gifts, they can use the same instructions as individuals. If they wish to do something different, they can get in touch with CAF America, Benevity will be happy to help as well.

If you pay your taxes elsewhere:
you can follow either of the procedures above. We're sorry we couldn't get specific procedures for every country. The easier way is probably to follow the French procedure, as we have a step-by-step powerpoint that takes you through it.

Please help us buzz! Please share the contents of this email on your social networks, with your email contacts, and wherever you think is relevant! Thank you

Thanks a lot for your support!

The Scality Rocks CDC team



Run to reach your Nirvana


Ok for some people, this title can seem weird, but runners will confirm it is not! And if more and more and more people run (127 runners in the 1st NYC marathon in 1970, more than 52.000 in 2016, same in Paris: 126 finishers in 1976, 41.708 in 2016), it is obviously because they can confirm that running brings them much more than being fit. 
Emil Zatopek, one of the greatest runners of the 20th century, said : “If you want to run, Run one mile, If you want to change your life, Run a marathon”! Of course, all Course Du Coeur runners, would adapt this saying to “If you want to change your life, Run the Course Du Coeur”.
Running is such a wonderful way of life. 

Run & you will feel good, Run & you will feel strong, Run & you will be happy.
Being fit & feeling good in one’s body is just so impactful on one’s self-confidence in everyday life. Feeling good with oneself helps so much in feeling good with others in anything we do, that is true at work and in every minute. And also it is so much true that mental is for 80% of all what we do. Have one very good reason to keep your objective, not allowing oneself to fail, and you will reach it.

The “Yes you can” power. Maybe you believe that you cannot run a 10kms, or a semi or a marathon, but I bet a lot that you can. Stick precisely to the plan, and you will reach your objective. Anyone can do in the matter of a few weeks or months, only rule is to keep going step by step, to trust the plan and to believe in it. Do not postpone, do not listen to reasons that could avoid from following the plan. When reaching the line you were believing not achievable, you will be “on a small cloud”, feeling so overwhelmed by happiness and proud at full throttle. 
Endorphins are such a fantastic drug of happiness: after a good run, feeling zen & good changes the day, any day starting with a run will be a good day whatever happens. Endorphins are generated by the run, they really create a feeling of bliss or euphoria, so that after a good run, you will take anything far much easier than you would have. 

Run for a cause that you value, Run for others is just so much gratifying first for oneself, and so much for the association or the ones you run for. Creating a positive virtuous circle. See Laure’s post if you haven’t yet “Running for someone: who does it benefit?”
Run with music, jump in the rythms you love, they will carry you, you will fly and not see the kms. Run with no music & enjoy the place, breathe the air, discover a countryside or a city you do not know, this is such an amazingly wonderful feeling. 
More and more companies encourage their employees, governments push sport as a cure. UN task force even promotes: “Sport can cut across barriers that divide societies, making it a powerful tool to support conflict prevention and peace building efforts (…) Sport programs promote social integration and foster tolerance, helping to reduce tension and generate dialog.”

Looking for inspiration? Sharing my 4 favorite ones : 
• Discover the World with Jamel Balhi : www.coureur-du-monde.org 
• Free to Run, Documentary by Pierre Morah
• Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall : read the Tarahumara story, it is amazing
• Le Running au Féminin, by Cécile Bertin



La Course du Coeur

La Course du Coeur

Heart Race is a socially-responsible sporting event, intended to highlight the critical importance of organ donation.
Organ Donation

Organ Donation

Every year, organ transplants save more than 5200 lives, and touch many more through the grateful friends, relatives and colleagues who surround them. Organ donation makes it happen.


Convinced of the huge value of transplantation and physical activity, in 1989 a group of organ transplant-recipient athletes joined with physicians to found Trans-Forme, l'Association Fédérative Française...