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The last update email I sent was on September 1st, 2016. Since December, I’m back in the office, so you may wonder what brings yet another mass email from me.

First, a series of three would please the laws of rethorics. Also, this feuilleton deserves closure.

The Course du Coeur started two days ago and we’re all already feeling tired and sore… and extatic! It’s amazing to be a part of this, and every single one of you made it possible. How? By supporting us at every moment, by inquiring about our training, our well-being, our fears… We all carry these stories close to our hearts.
The closure I want to bring is on a personal level. This time, your support feels different : for over a year, Scality (as in: each and every one of you) has been lifting me up through hard and harder times. For this race, you’re lifting a team - yourselves, ourselves - which I’m a part of, but the times are not hard anymore: they're challenging. And this is a challenge we take up together.

Our support to a cause greater than our camaraderie is made possible by this camaraderie. Our undertaking of challenges bigger than us is made possible by our exceptional individual performances : they draw us « to infinity and beyond ».

I am thankful for the values Scality upholds, and even more for the individuals that take this mission to heart. I will never be able to thank you enough for the support you’ve given me on a personal level last year, but I hope that, as part of the team, I’ll be able to share enough of this wonderful adventure with you so you are with us every step of the way.

So I suggest I make my closure an opening: how about we all start writing more about the amazing adventure Scality is? Both on human, technical, entrepreneurial, global, and you-name-it levels? I think this Course du Coeur is a great opportunity to get started.

Thank you for being bold, hardworking, fine diners, fun players, good dancers, great teachers, gentle caretakers. Thank you for providing customer amazement, and Gartner Quadrant magic.

Thank you for rocking Scality,



La Course du Coeur

La Course du Coeur

Heart Race is a socially-responsible sporting event, intended to highlight the critical importance of organ donation.
Organ Donation

Organ Donation

Every year, organ transplants save more than 5200 lives, and touch many more through the grateful friends, relatives and colleagues who surround them. Organ donation makes it happen.


Convinced of the huge value of transplantation and physical activity, in 1989 a group of organ transplant-recipient athletes joined with physicians to found Trans-Forme, l'Association Fédérative Française...