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The Course du Coeur 2017 started Wednesday evening! We are so happy, proud to start this adventure together!

Few hours before the prologue, we were asked about our feelings :

How are you feeling before the start of the race/ your mindset?

- Antoine: Go, go, go!
- Juan: I am both nervous and excited ... with the nerves winning right now!
- Geraldine: 5000% excited and at full throttle
- Niels: Excited, want it to start

- Christian: Just collected the cars and had a long night sleep, starts to feel real and exciting now !

- Yannick: Excited/Stressed/Proud/Have the impression I have an exam today :)/Can’t wait to have fun with the team !
- Laure: Excited! And somewhat anxious! Overall very eager to see how far our Scality team will push itself (to infinity and beyond!)
- Maxime: Anxious to get started :-)
- Jean-Baptiste: Au top !
- Nicolas: Super excited, I have the feeling we are totally « A l’arrache » and nothing is really ready !, but never mind, we’ll do our best :)
- Nigel: Worried as I’m carrying a small injury.
- Erwan: super excited can't wait to start!! Sure it's going to be a great time and hope to make a good race with even better fun!!!
- Olympe: Ready to kick-off !!! and over-positively-excited
- Morgan: I'm really exited and happy to take part to the course du coeur, but also a bit intimated because it's huge event with a big organisation !

What are your objectives during this race (either physical objectives or personal ones...)?
- Antoine: Make sure I help the team and be in shape until the last run (don't want Scality to finish last!)
- Juan: To pace myself enough such that I can make it through each of my stages of the race without slowing the team too much. And to try to enjoy the scenery as much as possible!!
- Geraldine: Give it all I can
- Niels: Help the team, have fun and enjoy the challenge (and the unknown parts of France)
- Christian: All my required paces throughout the race are faster than I'm used to, so I will be focused on my pace a lot while making sure to not be too fast as well.
Hardest day will be Saturday where I am running twice, in the afternoon and in the night. And if cause I fear the French singing also on Saturday;)
- Yannick: Have fun !!! Help the team and make sure we all enjoy our races ! Get to the end with no major problems and celebrate on Sunday night :)
- Laure: Do my best, and push myself as hard as I can. And then be satisfied with the result, no matter what it is.
- Maxime: Have fun and never slow down!
- Jean-Baptiste: Je n'ai pas l'habitude de faire de longues distances et je vais devoir les enchaîner. Il va falloir que je tienne... Et je tiendrai ! 😌
- Nicolas: Not to finish the last, but first objective is to finish the race
- Nigel: Complete the run and see more of France
- Erwan: Since it’s the first time we're doing it, my expectation are pretty reasonable just hoping I'll be in good shape for my runs and bikes and rowing sessions!!
- Olympe: Give it all and even surpass myself ! Plus be strongly supportive to my team, meet other amazing people from the race and have fun !
- Morgan: I'd like to give my maximum on each race and enjoy the event with the team.

Enjoy Guys each step!! You will rock!!!



La Course du Coeur

La Course du Coeur

Heart Race is a socially-responsible sporting event, intended to highlight the critical importance of organ donation.
Organ Donation

Organ Donation

Every year, organ transplants save more than 5200 lives, and touch many more through the grateful friends, relatives and colleagues who surround them. Organ donation makes it happen.


Convinced of the huge value of transplantation and physical activity, in 1989 a group of organ transplant-recipient athletes joined with physicians to found Trans-Forme, l'Association Fédérative Française...